Taisei v1.3.1 Released! 2019-09-29 22:30

Hey, we are back for a little replay-compatible update to the 1.3 release. The changes include:

  • Improved laser rendering and other visual improvements. The spell card opener looks yet a bit cooler, there are little indicators for off-screen items.

  • Player Spell Cards now have proper names and declaration animations.

  • Optimizations in various shaders that will make your toaster a bit happier about running Taisei. However, as usual, it is best if your toaster has good OpenGL drivers to avoid most trouble.

  • The audio assets are now in Opus format, which reduces file size at increased fidelity. On that note, the file sizes in general have been reduced, which benefits the loading time of the web version of Taisei.

  • Quite a few bug fixes. Of particular importance, two potentially game-breaking bugs have been vanquished:

    • In Cirno's very first spell “Perfect Freeze”, the player could (extremely rarely) get killed for no apparent reason. This was caused by a bug in bullet motion interpolation.

    • In some builds, MarisaA's lasers would render enemies permanently invulnerable, making them ineffective weapons to put it lightly.

but we actually have a big ace up our bullet riddled sleeves as well:

  • Complete replacement of the character artwork by @afensorm.

They are cute, they are colorful and if you look carefully, some parts glow a bit. We also have some variable facial expressions incoming, but those will be part of version 1.4.

We are happy to also announce the new Switch homebrew port by @p-sam. Now you can clear Tower of Truth “Theory of Everything” on public transport and impress your fellow passenger!