Taisei v1.3.2 Released! 2021-05-01 10:00

It's been a long time since the last update, but the project is still alive and well! In fact, we're busy working on some large updates for v1.4, which we will post about soon. Unfortunately, v1.4 isn't quite finished yet, but today we bring you a long overdue maintenance update for the v1.3 branch.

As usual for maintenance releases, it consists of various bug fixes, optimizations, and non-gameplay affecting features backported from the v1.4 development tree. As such, v1.3.2 remains replay-compatible with the original v1.3 release.

A few highlights include:

  • The web version should finally be playable again. It has been broken for a while due to a change in recent Chromium versions, resulting in a black screen in-game. This release finally addresses that problem.

  • Fixed some rendering errors, including the Stage 1 water effect on Intel iGPUs and incorrect laser blurring.

  • Fixed major performance issues on macOS with AMD GPUs. This involved working around a long-standing AMD OpenGL driver bug on macOS.

  • Improved support for high-DPI displays. Taisei should no longer be upscaled by the OS on all supported platforms.

  • Slightly optimized various parts of the engine, including 3D and text rendering.

  • Added GameMode integration on Linux. If you use Feral Interactive's GameMode daemon, GameMode will now be automatically activated when you start Taisei.

  • Fixed some portability problems, mostly for macOS, Switch, and Emscripten builds.

  • Updated the SDL game controller database, enabling out-of-the-box support for even more controllers.

Go grab a download now or play it right in your browser, and stay tuned for the upcoming v1.4 progress update!

If you're a package maintainer, please also read the release comment on Github.