We provide pre-built packages for Windows, macOS, and some Linux distributions. You can also download the source code and build it yourself, or look for a package in your distribution's repositories.

If you're looking for PGP signatures, SHA256 sums, or older releases, visit the releases page on GitHub.

If you find any mistakes, please contact us.



If in doubt, try the 64-bit installer first.


Arch Linux

There are unofficial taisei and taisei-git PKGBUILDs available on AUR.

Open Build Service

We also provide packages for a variety of distributions at Open Build Service.


Development Snapshots


An unofficial package is available on Flathub.


You can also try the unofficial Homebrew formula

Source Code

Building Taisei is easy (unless you are on Windows). Download the source code and follow the instructions in Feel free to contact us if you have problems.

Although Taisei supports only Linux, macOS, and Windows officially, it's also known to work on FreeBSD and OpenBSD. Generally, it should build and run on any POSIX-compliant OS, given that all the dependencies also work there.



$ git clone --recurse-submodules -j8