Taisei v1.1 Released! 2017-09-25 12:00

A few weeks later cough we finally are ready to present the new version 1.1. Roughly five years ago we had our first release and since then, we did a lot to polish the lose ends and finish where we left off.

The list of changes is very long, but here are some highlights:

  1. Graphics

    • Most stages got new, improved backgrounds
    • Many nice shader effects making everything look a bit more beautiful
    • A full set of character dialog graphics
    • Arbitrary resolution support!
    • Variable render quality to make taisei run smoothly on your toaster, too
  2. Gameplay

    • Complete rebalance: Less unfair deaths, easy is now much more doable for average people
    • Extra spells: Clear all spells of a boss and you get to try a fancy new extra spell with unique mechanics for each boss
    • Spell practice
    • New shotmodes
    • Better gamepad support
    • Fully portable Replays
  3. Resources

    • Faster loading times due to asynchronous preloading
    • BGM support: Still lacking a soundtrack, the code is now there so you can use your own music while playing taisei.
    • File system abstraction: Technically you can make your own set of graphics, place it in a local directory and it overwrites the standard ones. So you can make your very own Taisei reskin about international politics or sentient fruit.

Have fun playing and let us know if you find any bugs!