Taisei v1.2 Released! 2018-01-27 17:10

A hearty welcome to all those watching our website with bated breaths, for today marks a grand milestone in the annals of Taisei Project. Although perhaps not apparent to the public eye, the team has expanded significantly over the course of several months to include a composer, a writer, an artist, and several dedicated playtesters. Thus, while the developers have still been busy upgrading and tweaking gameplay, the addition of these new members has allowed for new improvements that they would have been unable to create on their own.

Notable changes include:

  • An original soundtrack for every completed stage and boss fight in the game, as well as for the menu, ending, and credits screens. This was done entirely by Tuck V, a Western ZUN-style composer.

  • All-new sound effects for bullets and shot types, which in tandem with the music greatly reduce the silence in the game. They also reflect which bullet type aligns with them, resulting in the necessary warning system people have come to expect from shmups. Most of these are by InsideI, a Ukrainian indie composer.

  • Redone story, dialogue, and ending texts by Lalasa a.k.a. Lyricana, written with Touhou canon in mind and in the style of early Touhou games. Now Marisa's and Youmu's stories differ greatly from each other, offering different facets to the game's story and a reward for playing both.

  • Revamped shots, now with completely distinct playstyles. They are also updated graphically, and include new bombs and special effects. The shots may now even be considered flashier than most main series Touhou games, and offer unique ways to play the game.

  • Every enemy and boss sprite is now fully animated. Enjoy fun poses during different spell cards as each character shows more personality during the fight!

  • Numerous spell cards and patterns have been updated, or even outright redesigned. Some are also completely new. Taisei as an overall game is now a brand new experience that may be unrecognizable to some. The changes also extend to other parts of the game, such as an updated HUD, more Practice options, and significantly upgraded gamepad support.

  • Various bugs have been discovered and squished thanks to continuous playtesting on multiple systems. Wriggle and Scuttle are fine, however, and the latter now sports a fresh appearance as well.

This list is by no means exhaustive, as many smaller and/or more technical changes have been implemented over time as well.

Of course, our development has not stopped here, and we have already have bold plans for the upcoming version 1.3!

If you like what you see from our expanded development team here at Taisei Project, remember that there's nothing stopping you from joining in and making this game even better. It could be as simple as playing the game and reporting any issues, or showcasing it to the public on social media. We still need help, and you don't need to be an expert in anything to be part of our game as long as you enjoy it as much as we do. That's why we highly encourage joining our Discord server or IRC channel, where you can freely talk to the developers and other contributors.

Thank you for being interested in our hard work!

Now off to the Download section you go.

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