Taisei v1.4 Preview at DoKomi 2023! 2023-06-25 13:30

Remember how we said we would post about some large v1.4 updates "soon" or have a beta out "mid-fall"? Well oops, that never happened, but a whole lot of stuff did happen that held back development for another 2 whole years. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has affected us most directly in particular.

But we're not talking about any of that today, because we finally have some exciting news: we are, at last, emerging from the development hell, and we are going to showcase a close-to-final preview of v1.4 at DoKomi 2023 in Düsseldorf, Germany, in just a few short days!

DoKomi is the largest anime and Japanese pop-culture convention in Düsseldorf. It serves as a homage to the original Japanese Comiket.

We're working in collaboration with RetroWaveArcade, who generously dedicated two PCs for Taisei, stylized as arcade cabinets in their brand new shoot-'em-up area. We're very excited about and extremely grateful to them for this opportunity!

We are also going to make roughly the same version of the game available for download on this site shortly, as a pre-release.

The changes made in v1.4 are so numerous, trying to list them would be impractical. For a very brief overview:

  • The game logic engine has been rewritten from the ground up.
  • Every stage has been rewritten and substantially redesigned, and some remade from scratch.
  • The dialogue and story have been completely rewritten. Starting to notice a pattern?
  • All stages have received updated, detailed 3D backgrounds with improved rendering.
  • New art for the endings and lively character expressions has been added.

Feel free to head over to the media section to check out some screenshots while waiting for the pre-release build, and join our Discord for live updates.

And see you at DoKomi! ;)