Taisei v1.4 Released! 2023-09-08 02:00

It's finally happening! Taisei v1.4 is officially out of preview and is now the latest stable version of the game.

As discussed in our DoKomi 2023 post, v1.4 is a huge update and a "reboot" of sorts, so listing all of the changes would be impractical. Here's a short overview from that article:

  • The game logic engine has been rewritten from the ground up.
  • Every stage has been rewritten and substantially redesigned, and some remade from scratch.
  • The dialogue and story have been completely rewritten. Starting to notice a pattern?
  • All stages have received updated, detailed 3D backgrounds with improved rendering.
  • New art for the endings and lively character expressions has been added.

For those who have played the pre-release preview version, here is a more detailed list of (smaller) changes from that version:

  • Gamepad handling has been greatly improved, introducing proper radial deadzones, more sensible sensitivity settings, and more.
  • Overhauled bullet rendering, the bullets are now more distinct and colorful.
  • Minor updates to the scoring system, reflected in the manual.
  • A certain boss has received a new spell card.
  • Some stages and boss patterns have been adjusted, mostly to make them more fair.
  • Maximum number of continues increased to 5.
  • Various bug fixes and internal future-oriented changes.

Unfortunately, the Extra stage still hasn't made it to v1.4. It will be our primary development focus for v1.5, which we're hoping to show off at the next DoKomi.

As usual, please grab a build for your platform of choice in the downloads section!

Note that the web version, the Linux Flatpak build, and especially the third-party packages for Linux distributions may take a while to get updated. Please wait warmly.

Also, you are welcome to join our Discord.